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You never know when a disaster will strike, that’s why you need an expert restoration service ASAP! [Water Damage Restoration San Diego CA] is honoured to be the best emergency restoration company in Bonita San Diego and the surrounding area.

It doesn’t matter if its damage from flooding, a fire, or a mold infestation, our specialists offer round the clock emergency repair services to ensure that your home or business is returned to pristine condition. We’re the fastest and most reliable restoration company in Bonita San Diego!

Whenever a disaster happens, When accidents happen, you should listen to the experts. Our specialists have decades of specialized experience in damage repair and are always prepared to help you with all your repair and restoration needs.

Has your home or business recently suffered damage from a flood, fire, or mold problem? Then. We are available 24/7.


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What Our Wonderful Customers Say

One my rental properties is in here in San Diego, I had a tenant that simply did not take care of the property of inform me when there was an issue. It seems that they left the water running in the bath and completely flooded the room, they removed the water but never informed me. I would happily had it fixed. I don’t know if this happened multiple times, but when they eventually moved out, I noticed the damage to the floorboards, celing below and damp in the walls in the rooms below. It looked terrible with the damp and mold they caused. Idiots.

Anyway I thought it would cost a fortune to fix. Thankfully a friend recommend Water Damage San Diego to me and they did a great job. They first gave an inspection and analysis as to the extent of the water damage and how much it cost to fix.

I agreed and they got to work. From start to finish they were professional, very easy to deal with and good value. The floor, ceiling and walls look great now. I had no problem finding new tenants after, and you can’t tell there was even any damage there. Thanks.


Jeff Cohen


Highly recommended. I had an emergency where my pipes burst and I’m good around the house so I had no idea how to turn it off and stop the water in my basement, which I use a second living room for my kids. I found these guys in Google, called the number and they understood my urgency and came right away. They stopped the water and removed it. They were then able to give an assessment of the water damage and tell me how much the repair would cost. I agreed and they got to work.

We had to change the carpet and some small furnishings, but they were able to repair most of the damage to the point it looks there was no damage at all. We thankfully didn’t need to replace the wood, it’s fully dried out now, and we have a new carpet over it. So you can’t tell there was ever any problem. Really happy with the service and the speed at which they were able to respond so I’m giving this review. Thank you guys so much!


Wilma Mendoza

What We Do

Water Damage Restoration

Here in Water Damage San Diego, we offer fast response time for various water damage restoration services within the San Diego area. Our team is trained, knowledgeable and committed to helping you get your property back in the best shape possible. To see how we can save you money and restore your water damage, contact now.

24/7 Emergency Water Repair

Our hotline is available 24/7 365 days a year. If you need emergency water damage repair in San Diego, we are the service to call. We have very fast response times are waiting right now for your call. It’s important to act fast with when water damage happens to limit the damage. Don’t wait any longer, contact now for a fast free quote!

Fire Damage Restoration Service

We offer quick response time and top-quality workmanship in San Diego fire damage restoration services. Our team is trained, knowledgeable and committed to helping you get your property back in the best shape possible. For the best service and best price with fire damage restoration in San Diego, Contact now.

Water Damage Restoration in 4 Easy Steps

1. Inspection & Assessment – This is the first step in any home water damage repair or commercial water damage restoration job. Our technicians evaluate the damage, take note of both interior and exterior damages and then provide detailed assessment once all the repairs are completed.


2. Water Removal & Cleaning – We use advanced equipment that effectively eliminates water from your property. This gets rid of any slippery areas that may cause an accident for you or your family members. Our cleaning process includes sanitizing and deodorizing to eliminate any bad odor caused by bacteria and mold growth.


3. Water Damage Repair – This step is necessary for the restoration process of your property. Our experts in San Diego water damage repair will make sure that all the damages are fixed properly so you do not have to spend on future repairs or replacements. Remember, we are not going to stop here, we also provide regular maintenance programs so you can be assured that your home or business is protected from any water damage.


4. Restoration – We take care of everything when it comes to restoring the entire property. This may include cleaning, demolition and reconstruction, a lot more carpets and padding will have to be laid out to make sure that you are getting the best possible results.

Fire Restoration in San Diego

A fire is the most devastating event that a homeowner can go through. In most situations people can’t understand the extent of the damage until after they walk back inside what still remains of the burned up and damaged building.

Failure to deal with a disaster quickly can cause irreversible damage to your property. Don’t wait around for help. Get help from an expert immediately. Our fast response emergency engineers are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help you with your fire damage restoration needs!

Our engineers have repaired many houses in the Bonita San Diego that have experienced fire damage. If it happens to be a small kitchen fire or a full building fire claim, we have licensed engineers on staff equipped to deal with any problem.


Our fire damage technicians offer a whole host of services including:

  • Fire damage repairs
  • Smoke damage repairs
  • Smoke and soot removal
  • Floor and carpet repairs
  • Odor removal
  • Structural repairs
  • Exterior and interior design solutions
  • Construction
  • Pressure washing

Our team specializes in mitigating fire damage to your property. When the fire trucks leave, it is very likely that your property has suffered more than just fire and smoke damage, but also widespread water damage from the emergency services’ endeavor to stop the fire.

As the highest rated restoration company in Bonita San Diego, our fire repair technicians are always fitted with advanced restoration technology and techniques to ensure that your property and things can be restored as close as possible to the condition that they were in before the fire.

Has your home suffered fire damage? Then call Water Damage Restoration San Diego for swift and dependable fire damage restoration in Bonita, or do the form to get a free quote and find out how we can help you in your time of need.

Mold Removal in San Diego

One of the worst you can find in your home is mold. It can often go unnoticed  and can silently wreak havoc on your property. Defend your health and home from dangerous mold. If there are signs of a black mold infestation growing in your home or business then call our mold experts immediately.

Here at Water Damage Restoration San Diego, we have decades of experience in dealing with mold and mildew removal, mold remediation, and mold inspection services in the San Diego area. Our team uses the latest equipment and techniques to catch mold growth that exists in your house and professional mold remediation chemicals to deal with mold.

Water leaks create the ideal conditions for mold growth. This is why it is important that you get leaks fixed on time. When water starts to leak from hard-to-get-to places, such as the inside of your walls, it’s best to call a mold remediation specialist to avoid damage to your house and the health of you and your family.

Our mold removal professionals offer a wide variety of mold solutions such as:


  • Mold & mildew removal
  • Mold remediation
  • Moisture control
  • Indoor air quality
  • Odor removal
  • Inspection & testing



We’ve got years of experience in mold removal in the San Diego area and a reputation of good customer service because Water Damage Restoration San Diego is committed to removing dangerous mold and mildew from your property.

The team here at Water Damage Restoration San Diego are equipped to handle any mold and mildew related crisis, small or big. If you’ve got mold, then we have the tools and expertise to take care of it for you! Reach out to us right now at [phone number] or fill in your information in the free quote form.

Emergency Water Repair Bonita

Water damage can ruin a home faster than you think. If your property  has suffered major water damage, an emergency response team that can tackle the problem quickly is critical. Water Damage Restoration San Diego offers day and night emergency water damage restoration and repair services, twenty four seven, 365 days a year to assist you in this time of need.


Water damage can originate from a number of different sources. It could be the result of damage from {sewage backups, burst pipes, leaking appliances, to natural disasters like storms and floods}. The water damage experts at Water Damage Restoration San Diego are ready to help you with any type of water damage emergency.

In order to minimise water damage, timing is everything! It only takes 12 hours for harmful mold, mildew, and bacteria to form after a water emergency This can cause a threat to the people you live with. You can’t wait until a mold infestation grows out of control to call us.

Our water damage repair and restoration service includes:

  • Water damage inspection
  • Water damage repairs
  • Water damage restoration
  • Water extraction
  • Cleaning
  • Drying & Sanitizing


Water damage can potentially lead to damage to your property and valuable belongings that is permanent. If you have a flooded property, water damaged walls and floors, or leaking pipes, it is critical that you contact our water damage restoration specialists immediately to mitigate and prevent even further damage to your property.


At Water Damage Restoration San Diego, we offer timely response in addition to a reliable water damage restoration and water damage mitigation service you can count on. Our expert technicians use water damage equipment to return your home to its original condition.


When a flood happens, you need to let a professional deal with the situation. Water Damage Restoration San Diego ready to help 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you with our emergency {water damage} services to repair and restore your home or business fast and professionally. Call [phone number] or or fill in the free quick quote form.

Flood Cleanup in San Diego

If your property has been flooded, you need a professional, quick, and reputable emergency restoration team. Damage from flooding could possibly compromise the strength and structure of your home, especially if it isn’t dealt with in time by our flood cleanup team.


At Water Damage Restoration San Diego, our experts’ number one priority is returning your home or business to pre-flooding condition as quickly as possible. We will mitigate secondary damage to your home or business, efficiently, effectively, and affordably.


When flooding happens, a fast response is everything. The team here at Water Damage Restoration San Diego offer 24/7 emergency flood services and a fast response time. We are fitted with state-of-the-art water extraction tools and methods to ensure the disaster is taken care of quick and to protect against further flooding damage.

Our flood cleanup emergency restoration service includes:

  • Water extraction
  • Water damage repair & restoration
  • Sewage damage cleanup
  • Water leak repair
  • Cleaning & sanitizing
  • Odor removal
  • Drying

Whether it is from a leaky pipe, backed up toilet, or even a flood from a storm, our professional flood cleanup team is equipped to tackle any and all kinds of flooding emergencies. Don’t deal with flooding on your own. Once our experts are dispatched, they will extract all the water and restore and repair the flood damaged areas to its pre-flooding condition.


Water Damage Restoration San Diego’s experts are available to help you 24/7 to provide you with our flood cleanup and restoration service. Call us today at [phone number] or fill in our free quick quote form to learn how we can help you.

Leak Detection Bonita San Diego

Even the smallest water leaks can lead to a lot of water damage to your home or business. If left untreated, damage caused by leaking water from a broken pipe will increase over a period of time and might even cause destruction to the structural integrity of your property. Don’t leave it to the last minute to get professional help. Contact Water Damage Restoration San Diego immediately!

In order to find a solution, detecting the source of the leak is the first order of business. Some leaks are easy to find while others are more tricky to find and will remain unnoticed for a long time before anyone even knows there is a problem. Water Damage Restoration San Diego guarantee to detect the leak early, preventing you from having to pay an expensive repair fee when the problem gets worse. don’t wait until tomorrow, find and fix the leak today.

Our leak detection services include:

  • Water leak detection
  • Condition assessment
  • Pressure testing
  • Repair & maintenance

Leaking water will make humidity which is sure to make dark areas of your property the perfect place for mildew and mold to start growing. This can pose a serious threat to you and your family’s health. Our technicians offer leak detection services for all types of pipe system, 24/7 quick response and excellent service.

Our team employs state-of-the-art utensils in order to discover the exact location of the leak. Even if the source of the leak is discovered in the attic, ceiling, roof, or even beneath the floorboards, we guarantee a solution. The combined expertise of our team means that we will detect and fix the leak fast and efficiently. It doesn’t matter where the source of the leak is, we will find and repair it fast, reducing both repair time and damage to your property.

Have you found water in your home but don’t know where it is coming from? If you suspect a leak and aren’t sure where it’s coming from, then you should contact Water Damage Restoration San Diego at [phone number] or fill in our free quick quote form to find out how we can help you.

Carpet Cleaning Bonita

Water damage to your carpet could happen at any time and could potentially wreak havoc on your property. We know that water damage can cause distress and unhappiness to be brought to your life. But no need to worry, our emergency carpet cleaning specialists will make sure you won’t have to go through this stressful time alone.

The team here at Water Damage Restoration San Diego have years of expertise in helping the people of San Diego with their carpet cleaning and water damage restoration needs. If the flooring of your home or business has suffered water damage, we can offer you cleaning, sanitizing, drying, reinstalling, and in some cases, replacement of your carpet or flooring.

Our experts provide the following services:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Upholstery & furniture cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Drying & sanitation
  • Repair & re-stretching
  • Odor removal

It doesn’t matter to us if the water damage is from flooding, a backup of sewage, or broken pipes, Water Damage Restoration San Diego  has the know-how and latest equipment to restore the flooring of your property fast and efficiently.


With a quick response time, skilled and experienced carpet cleaning experts, advanced equipment and carpet cleaning methods, our experts offer the highest quality carpet and rug cleaning service in San Diego to help you get back to normal. Are you in need of carpet cleaning or rug repair after flooding or water damage? The you should call  Water Damage Restoration San Diego today at [phone number] do the form to get a free quote to find out how we can help you.

Interiors Inspection Bonita

You have to put a lot of thought into your decision when buying or selling a new house. Here at Water Damage Restoration San Diego, not only do we provide the quickest and most trustworthy restoration service in the San Diego area, our company also offers home inspections that are professional, objective and trustworthy.

Before you buy a home or business property, your first order of business is to get it inspected by a professional home inspector to discover issues that exist on your property and figure out if the property is a good purchase or not.

A thorough inspection of your property is needed to reveal any issues that could pose a serious threat to your health like black mold, burst pipes, or faulty electrics that might lead to a fire breaking out on your property.

Our home inspection service includes:

  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Pre-listing inspection for selling
  • New construction inspection
  • Electricals inspection
  • Fire safety inspection
  • Structural assessment report.

Here at Water Damage Restoration San Diego, all of our interior inspections are done by qualified interior inspectors with years of experience serving people in San Diego and the nearby areas.

As the most trusted property restoration service in the area, we’ll give you the peace of mind you need as a property owner. Thinking about purchasing a house, or do you want to sell a property but need a proper inspection done first? Then you need to call us at [phone number] or do the free quick quote form and learn how we can assist you.

Other Services We Offer

Water Damage Bonita San Diego, Ca

Providing these services is our way of providing help for your homes and offices so they can remain in a good shape and will also discourage any future damages. We do not stop at water damage repair, we also provide regular maintenance programs so you can be assured that your property or business is protected from any water damage.

Our customer service agents are here for you 24/7. Feel free to call us anytime or visit our website for more information about our services and rates. We will be looking forward to working with you soon! Do not let water damage ruin your home or business – no matter how bad it seems, you can always turn the situation around. Call now!